In 2014, Nebraska made great strides in improving its tax climate—in fact, it was the second most improved state this year according to the Tax Foundation’s annual rankings. Nebraska climbed from 34th to 29th best tax climate in the U.S. Significant progress was made in a few areas by the legislature. Nebraska is making significant progress toward being among the best pro-business tax states.

Corporate Services and Research & Development Firms Win in Greater Omaha

The “No Coast” region ranks #1 in the country for lowest total effective tax rate for both corporate services and research & development firms. Manufacturers enjoy the 4th lowest effective tax rate for their businesses and Greater Omaha isn't a bad place for digital services firms either, coming in at 10th in the nation.

When it comes to taxes, in 2014, KPMG calculated a tax index of 70.1 for Greater Omaha (as compared to the U.S. baseline of 100.0), which means that Omaha has a tax climate nearly 30 points better than the nation as a whole. The region overall ranked 4th in the nation in lowest total effective tax rate, 5th in corporate income tax, 12th in statutory labor costs and 17th in other corporate taxes, including property and sales taxes.